My passion for animals comes from a very early age.

- Luana da Silva

My passion for animals comes from a very early age.

- Luana da Silva


Doggy Studio Grooming

is not just a pet groomer that treats your pet as any other client. We love your furry companions and treat them as members of our family. I along with my husband, own Doggy Studio Grooming, and share the same passion for animals.

As a child growing up in Minas Gerais, Brazil,

I helped my father rescue dogs and abandoned cats. My father (who also loves animals) and I took home, fed, and looked after the animals we rescued, nursing them back to health. And once healthy, my father and I tried to find the animals permanent homes. Oftentimes however, we could not find happy and loving homes for the animals we rescued, and so we ended up adopting several dogs and cats ourselves!

At 19, I started working as an assistant at a veterinary hospital after attending a school of preparation, where I gained much experience working with animals. In 2001 I moved to the United States of America and worked in the pet grooming industry in New York, Connecticut and finally, in Florida. In 2011 when I moved to Florida, I started working at Doggy Studio Grooming and a year later, bought the business from its former owners and continued doing what I love most: taking care of my shaggy friends. Since then, I have met many wonderful people and have made many new friends.


Doggy Studio Grooming is located in the Plaza Linda House in Tamarac. We offer a large acclimatized space where your pet will have comfort and be treated with care and respect. We accommodate all breeds of dogs and cats- big and small- and do simple cuts to the most extravagant and elaborate ones. We also work with animals that have special conditions such as medical issues, aggression, and old age- provided we are notified in advanced so we can prepare for their arrival. Our Doggy Studio Grooming staff works diligently, keeping in mind the welfare and comfort of your pet throughout all grooming steps. Our team knows what it is doing, but most importantly, loves every minute of it!!!

"Your best friend with his best look!"